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Conductive rubber keypads

Conductive rubber keypads is compression-molded silicone rubber actuators with or without a conductor on the bottom of each key; and offer an alternative look and feel to more common polyester or polycarbonate overlays. They, too, are always used in conjunction with a printed circuit board or flexible circuit. It is the flexible circuit or PCB that provides the circuitry traces while the rubber keypad acts as the overlay and shorting pad.


•         Characteristics and advantages

  • Stability over a wide temperature range; excellent weatherability
  • Moisture resistance
  • Environmental sealing
  • Easy to add color
  • Screen printable
  • Chemical, oil and solvent resistance
  • Corrosion resistance to chemicals and ozone
  • High compression
  • High resilience
  • Wide hardness range, 10-80 Shore A
  • Vibration and shock absorption
  • Multi-durometer capacity
  • Complex key shapes
  • Wide range of actuation forces and travel
  • Injection molded hard/soft urethane key tops
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Very high electrical resistance
  • Low tooling cost UL 94VO options

Rubber Keypad Membrane Switch

•         Typical Components of a Conductive Rubber Keypad


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